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Welcome to WoodsterCorp.

This is my corner of the 'net and I hope you find the resources useful.

The iOS section has links and resources for the iOS projects that I have done.

The Excel tab contains details and source for the macros developed.

The Weather pages have been developed to help me as a pilot to interpret the various met products available. The main effort is the Colourstate Map that interprets metars and assigns a colour and then plots it on a googlemap.

The Project Incubator pages are there as somewhere to develop, experiment and explore various tech. The newest addition is the Map and Height page where a route can be defined and the height profile explored. There is a demo of the Metar Parser used in the Colour State Map, the Post Code Lookup utility and the Great Circle demo. Please have a look around.

The Mathematica page has details of Mathematica widgets and projects that I have done. The most recent effort has been as part of an antenna project where there was a requirement to simulate a phased array antenna. I made use of mathematica to simulate the waveform and radiation patterns of the Phased Array Antenna as part of the MESE MSc.

The SDR section has links and resources for the SDR projects that I have experimented with. While this is a work in progress, I aim to post working and partially working examples as I learn. I have a Elonics E4000 tuner usb stick purchased for 10. This lowers the entry to SDR experimentation significantly.

The latest addition is a visual exploration of Earth Quakes around the world. Depth is represented by the shade, while the radius represents the magnitude. For an individual event, simply hover over the circle for the meta data in the viewer. It is possible to animate the events by using the animate button to the top. I hope you enjoy!

Here is a PDF copy of my solution to Radar Principles Tutorial. Please let me know what you think at alankeithwoodward@gmail.com.