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The Mathematica pages are a public listing of projects with Mathematica. Included are some of the more useful widgets and projects that I have completed. The Sphere distance page is a demonstration that I found from Wolfram and works particularly well with the Great Circle Demo I constructed.

While working on my Masters, I have created a series of files to simulate a phased array antenna. The progression flows from Phased Array to a refinement called the Dolph Chebyshev weighting, to the final where a non isotropic radiator is considered.

As an extension to the phased array, Two Beam Phased Array extended the array to eight elements and then enabled a simulation where the element space could be adjusted to explore its impact. Secondly, I wanted to see if a multi mode simulation would work where the elements were interleaved to form two beams.

I would like to thank the folks at Antenna-Theory.com for the invaluable reference that they provided, without it I would have not been able to make the progress above.

The Filter Design page gives a break down of how a FIR filter is made.