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Terms and Conditions

The weather pages are here to provide a visualisation of weather data provided by NOAA site in the US. Please refer to their terms and conditions before using any of their products.

The Colour State Map is designed to provide a visual representation of the current weather based on the METAR. While every effort is made to make the colouring match the weather, there are occasional errors in the METAR text which can cause erronious colouring. Additionally, the colouring is based on the returned data from NOAA.

Bottom line: DO NOT rely on the data for flight planning!

Cookie Policy

Cookies are not normally used, however, if you use any of the features which require a login then a cookie will be stored on your machine. This will not be used by Woodstercorp for tracking. Woodstercorp makes use of a Facebook page to allow likes and social sharing, we do not control the use of cookies by Facebook or any of its associates.