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Project Incubator

The Project incubator is where I put pages that have experimental tech involved. They are not completed but please feel free to have a look around and investigate the tech as I go. Hope you enjoy.

The Metar Parser is a tool developed to automatically read METARs and interpret them into a colour code. It is this parsing tech that powers the colouring of the markers on the colourstate map in w the weather section.

The Postcode Lookup utility makes use of the Google Maps API to return it's best guess for a postcode. It was developed for Sat Nav systems that have good postcode nav feature but an appalling general location feature - like mine! Simply drop the pin where you're interested and it will give you it's best effort.

The Great Circle Demo illustrates the difference between a great circle and a rhumb line.

Map and Elevation allows the exploration of routes and dynamically illustrates the height profile of the route.